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At Stook, we create Personalised Digital Solutions using the latest front-end, back-end, and cloud technologies.
Working with true partners, we together value Agile Development, Lean Project Management and Collaborative Partnership. Consistently, we deliver the best product possible by strictly following high standard coding and design practices.

Bringing aheadProfessional Projects

FMTK Försvarsmakten

In collaboration with The Brewery we built the windows phone version of the FMTK application. Xamarin was used to build the app for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase.

Creatives Production (Banners)

At Stook we love Creatives! Having the responsibility to create visually impressive ads is very exiting. Our custom built scripts effectively takes care of feedback and copy changes. System integration, interactive creatives and mini-games are also possible.

The Village STHLM

The Village is a advanced front end project that enhances the way prospective buyer chooses their new apartment. With mapped svg’s of the condo complex you are able to view each individual apartment and thereafter make an appointment with the seller. Have a look at the video below to get an understanding how it all works.

New serviceA 'Team' Solution

A team of digital focused experts gather together to provide the most compelling service to companies and organisations around the world who is finding a way to confidently move into digital. We create personalised digital solutions both on contract- or project-based. We work as an experienced, knowledgable collective team who can fulfil immediate needs of our customers.

With hiring flexibility from a project-based contract or a contracted hiring with a minimum 6 months period – and special price. We cover a team of highly skilled digital designer, front-end / back-end / full-stack developer, system architect and project lead working with the latest tools and technologies.

The ‘Team’ Solution is a simplified service that fit companies missing an experienced, professional digital team and find it’s difficult to build a full-time team for a project that its future is unpredictable. For more specific project details and price,
please contact our account manager:

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