AirMobile (Mobile Android App)

Having long experience in troubleshooting mobile WiFi applications, AirMobile felt that it needs something that could report availability and performance over WiFi from the clients perspective.

FMTK Försvarsmakten

In collaboration with The Brewery we built the windows phone version of the FMTK application. Xamarin was used to build the app for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase.

SVT Sport Mobile App

For over 100,000 downloads after a successful launch, Swedish people have an unprecedented access to a fast, easy way to keep up to date with the latest live broadcasts and sports news from SVT.

Creatives Production (Banners)

At Stook we love Creatives! Having the responsibility to create visually impressive ads is very exiting. Our custom built scripts effectively takes care of feedback and copy changes. System integration, interactive creatives and mini-games are also possible.

The Village STHLM

The Village is a advanced front end project that enhances the way prospective buyer chooses their new apartment. With mapped svg’s of the condo complex you are able to view each individual apartment and thereafter make an appointment with the seller. Have a look at the video below to get an understanding how it all works.

My Wacky Duck

My Wacky Duck is a game development project featuring unique web technology that presents a boundless opportunity to be a place of transitory entertainment.

Refresh Zone

A new kind of spa concept.
Wordpress on the Trellis stack. Headless woo-commerce with a Vue.js front-end. Integration with third party booking API to check availabillity. Hosted on in the AWS ecosystem.

Just Arrived

Just Arrived is a responsive social connection platform using AngularJs, API integration and Html5/Css3 technology – featuring a mobile first approach.

Refresh Zone Prototyping

Initial design concept for Centara Hotels & Resorts new spa brand Refresh Zone.

Hackholmssund Conferens Ledger

We built the back end API for the HTML5 application that gives each guest up to date information during their stay at Hackholmsund Conference Hotel.

I Am Collective SE

I am collective is a Swedish agency helping companies and organizations, through relevant insights, to create commitment, regardless of culture and language. IAC is a cross-cultural communications agency.


Tonboon allows people to explore Dharma content and practical tips and tricks to gain inner peace so they can be the light initiative of peace to the world. ​​​​​​​

The View, Sthlm Seaside Living No.1

The View is a 9-story low-rise apartment in the heart of Stockholm showcasing modern rooms and decorations with fantastic sea view. We were responsible for front end development of the web.


Stookfoodies is the product of hungry Stookers.

DN prio Quiz

Dareville did an excellent front end for this quiz game. Stook built the equally excellent backend API. The quiz game was feature at one of Sweden’s largest daily news paper website during 2016.


At Dujour, we believe that fresh, nutritious sandwiches can help you live healthier and happier. So we serves only the best sandwiches to our customers.


In 2016 we had an opportunity to work with Johaug’s campaign promoting her brand’s new web shop. We developed a video streaming solution with interactive synced animation overlays.

KLP Streaming

his project is another campaign site for KLP with its over 10,000 happy customers. We developed a streaming campaign with integration into the customer’s APIs with the project’s key focuses on strong encryption and safe handling of user-data.


Workflows for quality assurance and integrations with several systems. Market store is the base for TUI Nordics DAM and we were part of the team who built it.


Getting unique travel information in four different languages to over thousand of destinations. Together with Citat SEDP developed a Create-Online solutions with a workflow engine for templates, translations and approval.


Kanter is simple Wordpress based development keep the development process lean and fast. Recently we have just adding a new feature called Parallax as to the request by the firm making the old static web even more contemporary

South East Digital

This is the second version of South East with a new emphasis on digital. We did simple yet futuristic ux/ui design that its colors and elements.

South East

South East Digital Production is an specialized digital production company specializing in advanced technical solutions with back-end, front-end and UX/UI design.