My Wacky Duck

My Wacky Duck is our first game development project we did for Quan Inc. The project was a really great experience for us and we had a lot of fun from start till the end. This game was mainly geared to AU/KDDI’s iphone users but works well on all platforms with html5 capable browser.

We had many challenges but the end result was impressive. Keeping a steady 60fps frame rate on most devices. Audio is perfectly synced and touch responsiveness is seamless. Have a look at the video below to get the pure arcade feeling our technique are capable off.

In My Wacky Duck, cute, puffy and colorful ducks were redesigned to play a leading role to entertain bored customers of the telecom service presenting a cheerful, engaging moment for them to have fun on the go. For the concept, the style of the game resembles three in a row that a player places three or more ducks of the same colour in a line to assemble points. Taking a duck with a bomb or lightning will add extra scores. To go to the next level you need to score certain amounts of points in an allotted time in different levels starting from easy to difficult with tighter time slot and more complex color placement. The player will also get more points each level. At the end of the game the players can see a score ranking that presents a challenge to the player to break their previous scores or compete with their friends.