SVT Sport Mobile App

For over 100,000 downloads after a successful launch, Swedish people have an unprecedented access to a fast, easy way to keep up to date with the latest live broadcasts and sports news from SVT. SVT is the Swedish national public TV broadcaster, funded by a television licence fee payable by all owners of television sets, and set by the Riksdag.

Sveriges Television AB, Sweden’s Television is a public limited company that can be described as a quasi-autonomous non-government organisation. Together with the other two public broadcasters, Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Utbildningsradio, it is owned by an independent foundation, F√∂rvaltningsstiftelsen f√∂r Sveriges Radio AB, Sveriges Television AB och Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB, The foundation’s board consists of 13 politicians, representing the political parties in the Riksdag and appointed by the Government.

SVT Sport Mobile Application got started by a question from the entity: “If we could produce a native mobile application for all mobile platforms?” Our friends at Dareville further asked if we could accomplish this in a six week time frame. We didn’t say anything further and started assembling our team for a rapid production of the semi native apps for IOS, Android and Windows phone. The end result was a seamlessly matched version of the app for all other mobile operating systems. It was a successful deliver.

Application Features
In the app you can find all the programs, TV spots, articles and a sports schedule. The app was developed as a co-product together with brand new Swedish television website with key features:

  • Push notifications to your mobile at major sports events
  • Teletext 300 turn the phone to quickly get there
  • Simple shortcuts to suit your favorite sports